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Before downloading any of our mobile applications, be sure to enable PIN, passcode, or fingerprint authentication on your device. This will ensure that a malicious party is unable access patient records if your device is stolen or misplaced.

Our Android app is a web-based and quick & simple to install. Here's how:

1. Open the chrome browser on your Android device. 

2. Type into the address bar. 

3. Tap the 3 dots at the top right of the browser.

4. Select "Add to Home Screen."

5. Choose "ADD."

6. On your home screen, you will now see the WELL application. Tap it to launch

7. Tap the menu on the top-right to log-in.

8. Enter your cell phone number.

9. Enter the 5-digit code that was just sent to your device via text message.

10. Select "ALLOW" when you are prompted about notifications.
(If you choose BLOCK, you will continue to receive text messages)

If you're having issues - please text support at 650-373-2132 or email

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